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We can provide a one-time solution to a single environmental concern or continuing assistance for virtually any environmental need. We find practical solutions to complex issues through:

  • A complementary blend of established, experienced experts and young, dynamic professionals
  • Up-to-date knowledge of regulatory developments and technological advances
  • Close communication with clients
  • Our 4-part strategy:
    • Comprehensive project evaluation
    • Quantification of project scope
    • Management or abatement system design
    • Oversight and/or implementation of solution

Our Services:

Environmental Site Investigation
Health Care Services Programs
Indoor Air Quality Management and Assessment
OSHA Compliance Services
Asbestos Management, Consulting, and Remediation
Lead-In-Paint Consulting, Testing, and Remediation
Legal Investigative and Research Services
Environmental Compliance Audits
Title V Air Permitting Consulting

Environmental Site Investigation
Our due diligence efforts can uncover potential problems before you complete an acquisition, loan, investment, or commercial lease

The terms “buyer beware” and “lender liability” have become commonplace in real estate transactions today. Promulgation of EPA Superfund laws significantly increased and defined the potential financial liability for owners, operators and financial institutions.
Let us help you demonstrate satisfactory environmental due diligence and minimize your potential liability associated with owning, managing, operating or financing a real estate purchase. Through a Phase I Environmental Assessment, we’ll evaluate your property’s existing liability and potential for environ­mental contamination.

Our firm has provided these services for select clients since 1990, and we are on the “approved list” of many lending institutions. We use only senior level professionals to conduct environmental assessments, and these individuals are trained in our systematic approach.  The Environmental Assessment Association certifies every environmental assessor in our firm.

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Health Care Services Programs
Find closure to environmental challenges through effective environmental risk management programs

The nature of the health care industry makes compliance with health and safety issues a critical component of a facility’s operation and image in the community.  We have developed a comprehensive management system to help you manage environmental risk and potential liability.
The key components of this management system include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Audits
  • Post-Construction Facility/System Commissioning
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • Gas System Evaluation
  • Indoor Air Quality Management and Assessments
  • Asbestos and Lead Paint Management Programs
  • Bio-hazardous Waste Management

For more than a decade, we have worked with hospitals and other health care facilities in developing site-specific environmental management systems to achieve specifically defined objectives within budgetary restraints of the facility.

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Indoor Air Quality Management and Assessment
The World Health Organization estimates that 30% of all commercial buildings exhibit symptoms of “sick building syndrome”

We have the expertise to evaluate your indoor air quality problems, and design and manage remediation programs to mitigate those problems. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is defined by how indoor air satisfies three basic requirements for human occupancy:

  • Thermal acceptability
  • Maintenance of normal concentrations of respiratory gases
  • Prevention, dilution, and removal of contaminants and pollutants to levels below health or odor discomfort thresholds

Many energy conservation measures serve to “tighten” today’s buildings, reducing air circulation. These measure, combined with the extensive use of synthetic building materials and furnishings can have a significant negative impact the quality of indoor air and increase the potential for microbial growth.

We can help you develop practical and cost-effective systems to evaluate the quality of your indoor air. The best way to win at IAQ litigation is to avoid it altogether. Sound indoor air quality management should be an integral part of your organization’s standard operating procedure.

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OSHA Compliance Services
A common sense approach to OSHA compliance

Compliance with federal and state Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations is an important issue facing businesses today. It is estimated that the nationwide cost of accidental death and workplace injury increases up to $50 billion each year. We can help you maintain a safe and compliant working envi­ronment through comprehensive maintenance programs that help protect you and your workers from harm or loss.

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Asbestos Management, Consulting and Remediation
Address concerns through services that have a minimal impact on cost, building function, and occupants

Micro-Analytics specializes in asbestos management, consulting and testing and provides custom-designed programs to a diverse clientele. We are the oldest and most reputable asbestos consulting firm in the region. Dan Cooper, our president, is one of the founders of the National Asbestos Council and served on its initial board of directors. 

We provide comprehensive asbestos management services for major manufacturing firms, real estate management, local government entities, various commercial properties, several malls and shopping centers and more than thirty separate school systems. We are fully equipped with the equipment necessary to provide the monitoring, sampling and analytical testing required to support our asbestos consulting services. Our expertise allows us to tailor a program to meet your needs.

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Lead-In-Paint Consulting, Testing and Remediation
Current studies suggest that the primary sources of lead exposure for most children are paint, contaminated dust, and contaminated soil

We are the largest and most qualified lead-in-paint consulting firm in Kentucky, and we can help you manage issues involving the presence of lead-containing paint in your facility and any potential occupant or employee exposure resulting from its presence. We provide several services to assist you in determining the presence of lead, and subsequent management of this toxic substance.

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Legal Investigative and Research Services
Our extensive experience and investigative skills and resources can be instrumental in helping you develop a strong legal position

The legal ramifications of environmental non-compliance or potential inadequate due diligence can be significant and can open the door to subsequent liability or negligence litigation. We can provide professional technical assistance through review, research, and investigation to help you establish your position in legal proceedings involving environmental issues. We often work behind the scenes as a technical resource providing attorneys the technical support they need to build a case.

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Environmental Compliance Audits
Integrate environmental compliance programs with safety requirements and liability and health considerations

The current trend in managing environmental risk, compliance and liability is a proactive method whereby a company periodically monitors itself for environmental and health and safety compliance.  This process is known as an Environmental Compliance Audit. We perform environmental compliance audits on companies large and small to evaluate their current environmental compliance position and to establish environmental management systems that will effectively achieve and maintain compliance.

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Title V Air Permitting Consulting
We can review your operating systems and air compliance programs to complete your Title V air permit in a timely and efficient manner

Title V of the Clean Air Act Amendments defines an operating permit program for sources discharging air pollutants into the atmosphere. Title V permits are designed to enhance the ability of EPA, state regulatory agencies, and citizens to enforce requirements of the act. We have the experience and knowledge to assist your company in completing this permitting process.

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