Indoor Air Quality Management and Assessment

The World Health Organization estimates that 30% of all commercial buildings exhibit symptoms of “sick building syndrome”.

We have the expertise to evaluate your indoor air quality problems, and design and manage remediation programs to mitigate those problems. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is defined by how indoor air satisfies three basic requirements for human occupancy:

  • Thermal acceptability
  • Maintenance of normal concentrations of respiratory gases
  • Prevention, dilution, and removal of contaminants and pollutants to levels below health or odor discomfort thresholds

Many energy conservation measures serve to “tighten” today’s buildings, reducing air circulation. These measure, combined with the extensive use of synthetic building materials and furnishings can have a significant negative impact the quality of indoor air and increase the potential for microbial growth.

We can help you develop practical and cost-effective systems to evaluate the quality of your indoor air. The best way to win at IAQ litigation is to avoid it altogether. Sound indoor air quality management should be an integral part of your organization’s standard operating procedure.

We approach all new clients as if they are going to be clients for life. Almost without exception, that’s exactly what happens.

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