Asbestos-Related Services

“Our extensive experience enables to provide services that have a minimal impact on cost, building function, and occupant concern.”

Micro-Analytics is one of the oldest and most reputable asbestos consulting firms in the nation. Dan Cooper, our president, is one of the founders of the National Asbestos Council and served on its initial board of directors.  We specialize in asbestos management, consulting and testing, abatement, and providing custom-designed programs to diverse clientele.

The asbestos management needs of different clients vary greatly.  Our approach is to work individually with clients to develop the asbestos program that meets the client’s needs, considering cost as well as regulatory compliance.

We provide comprehensive asbestos management services for healthcare facilities, major manufacturing firms, real estate management, local government entities, various commercial properties, several malls and shopping centers and more than thirty separate school systems.  The appropriate asbestos program for each of these clients is different.  We have the necessary experience and provide the necessary degree of personal attention to give each client the program that best fits his or her situation.

We are fully equipped with the equipment necessary to provide the monitoring, sampling, analytical testing, and abatement required to support our asbestos-related services.  We have in-house capabilities to perform asbestos fiber counts using NIOSH methods and phase contrast microscopy (PCM), and we analyze bulk materials for asbestos using EPA protocol and polarized light microscopy (PLM).  We have an established field response system where our field technicians are equipped with the proper equipment, supplies and training to perform sampling and testing on-site at virtually any facility. We also have in-house abatement capabilities to turn key any project no matter how big or how small.

The professional staff of Micro-Analytics is accredited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various state accrediting agencies, in all disciplines related to asbestos inspections, management, training and testing.

Our wide array of asbestos-related services includes:

  • AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) program management for primary and secondary schools
  • OSHA asbestos rule compliance programs for affected employers
  • Facility Asbestos Surveys
  • Filter cassette analysis by PCM
  • Corporate Asbestos Management Plans
  • Operations and Maintenance Programs
  • EPA and OSHA training
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Asbestos Abatement Project Management

As a facility owner or manager, you can trust that our management systems and consulting services will keep you in compliance with all federal, state and local asbestos rules.  Our professional and experienced staff will help you properly manage any potential asbestos risk and reduce your asbestos liability.

For more information concerning our Asbestos Services, please contact one of our representatives at (502) 964-8737 or use our online form to submit an inquiry.

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